An interactive, multi-disciplinary event curated to Surprise + Delight guests of the Wabash Art Crawl - an annual event to showcase the education and cultural institutions that make up the Wabash Arts Corridor (WAC). The WAC is Chicago’s “living urban canvas” in the South Loop that connects the visual, performing and media arts. The multitude of murals and arts-based organization in this neighborhood create an urban lab for creative expression, innovation and excellence in the arts.

The goal of the interactive experience was simply to put a smile of someone's face and let them know we notice them and think they are worth surprising with something special. The visuals were very whimsical to express the fun nature of the event - from the window mural to balloons, down to the candy that we had available for guests. Live music, face painting and unexpected gifts were at the core of the joy-filled activity. But we didn't leave it there, we took it to the streets and  had a street team walk the 8 blocks of the Wabash Arts Crawl and randomly surprise people with gift cards, candy and balloons.