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I believe in the power of the visual language and the potential within artists to transform the way we see the world.

As the daughter of an artist, I grew up watching my mom paint, display and sell her work as we traveled all over the country to art shows. This upbringing inspired my imagination and developed my belief about the importance that art has on our experience of the world. I observed the affect various subject matters and media have on people every week at the exhibitions - the reactions, connections and motives which are evoked in the viewer. This led me to study art at the University of Minnesota, with a semester in Florence, Italy to learn the origins of the Masters.

My expression has taken many forms over the years from painting to art consulting to floral design
to creative direction, but the chemistry that happens when the art meets the viewer has remained central in my work. The curiosities that I have about a person and understanding the depths of their unique experience inform and inspire my work - whether a commissioned painting, event or a campaign, I find myself asking these questions:
Who is this for? What is their story? How can I connect with it? How can it connect them with others?