Listening to the most important values of a brand and transforming them into a compelling and accessible message for diverse audiences is a through line in all of the work I do
 I cannot imagine doing creative work on my own - we are all better when we work together and it's simply more fun. I'm convinced that collaboration creates a better end product
 I am forward-thinking, considering the impact of this decision in the short and long term. Since I own a business, I think like a business owner and identify growth opportunities
 I look at a project from all angles to come up with the most impactful solution for the brand of my client. Creative problem solving is the fuel for my work
 I create safe places for creatives to bring their very best work. Our energy and ideas ignite the potential of the project for it's greatest influence
 I may be little in stature, but I am mighty in my influence. A natural born leader who gains the trust of teams easily and allows all voices to be heard
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